Air Spring Components

January 26, 2015

Latest company news about Air Spring Components

Air springs are available in single, double and triple convolution types for virtually every conceivable heavy-duty vehicle suspension application.


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Common Applications for Air Bags

Air springs make big differences on heavy duty trucks and trailers in many ways.

Primary Trailer Suspension Air Springs provide outstanding cargo protection while reducing maintenance problems caused by road shock and 'trailer hop' when empty. Trailers last longer and can be used to haul a wider variety of cargo, reducing expensive empty trailer miles.

Lift Axle Air Springs allow you to lift the axle without ever leaving the cab. Saves tire wear under empty or partial load conditions and lets you negotiate tight corners with spread tandems.

Drive Axle Air Springs substantially improve the ride and handling of the tractor, resulting in greater driver comfort and safety, less tractor maintenance, longer tire wear and higher trade-in value. They require little maintenance and last more than twice as long as steel springs.

Front Axle Air Springs significantly improve steering and handling while improving tire wear and reducing problems caused by cab vibration.

Cab Mount Air Springs eliminate most problems experienced with standard cab mounts and help reduce damaging cab vibration.

Seat Air Springs increase driver comfort and help alleviate hazardous driver fatigue.