Air Suspension Will Be the Trend

January 26, 2015

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Air Suspension Will Be the Trend



Air suspension system generally bear the vertical load of the air spring, rapid attenuation of the vibration damper, adjust the height of the valve body height, and transmission of load to bear arms or push rod guide, and a variety of connectors and fasteners, etc. several parts. For  semi-trailer air suspension system of a structure diagram, the main components:

1, the axle: Install tires and guide arm positioning, and delivery vehicles to withstand various loads.

2, the air springs: installation between the guide arm and frame to withstand the vertical load and delivery vehicles, work in a certain changes in the height range up and down and play when the limit axle hop on the role.

3, the guide arm: bearings and guide arm mounted between the axles, and transmission of the vehicle under various loads.

4, the shock absorber: installed in the guide arm bearings and axles between the vertical and longitudinal vibrations decay quickly, and play the axle hop under the limit when the role.

5, the rubber bushing: Installation and positioning guide arm in all directions with different stiffness, ensure the upper and lower guide arm rotation around the bush a certain angle, but there is no relative sliding and wear.

6, the guide arm bearing: connect with the frame fixed under the wing, the installation positioning guide arm and shock absorber.