New Arrivals of Air Suspension Crimping Machine

March 16, 2016

Latest company news about New Arrivals of Air Suspension Crimping Machine



Crimping force: 100T

Max opening: 175mm
Crimping range: 20mm-175mm
Acurracy: 0.05mm
Standard dies sets: 10 (size customized)
Voltage: 380V
Power: 34kw
System pressure: 30Mpa
Operate mode: auto, manual, pedal
Weight: 250kg- 300kg
Dimension:  L850*W900*H1300mm

crimping way : Transverse withhold


The brief introduction of high pressure hose crimping machine:


Crimping machine connect rubber, plastic and steel rings through hydraulic power. It applies locking pressure through the mold of crimping machine to swage the metal joint on the matched auto air springs and high-pressure oil pipes, so as to complete the installation assembly.

It’s applicable to air spring, all kinds of machinery high and low pressure oil tube, air tube, automobile power steering tube, oil pipe, gasoline supply pipe, as well as buckling of construction fittings and hot water pipe.

It’s also widely used in vehicle, engineering machinery, hydraulic machinery, agricultural machinery and so on.